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About Me

Khory Hancock is a renowned Australian Environmental Scientist who has honed his expertise in land and marine regenerative carbon and biodiversity practices over the past decade. His passion for nature and specialized skill set have earned him critical acclaim as an influencer in the environmental space, an esteemed storyteller in written and film formats, and a successful entrepreneur running multiple businesses.

Hancock grew up on a large 30,000-acre cattle property in Carnarvon Gorge National Park, near Roma in Queensland, Australia. From here he developed a strong connection to nature and agriculture while being immersed in the region’s ecological diversity.

He pursued environmental science focusing on the agricultural industry, resource sector and carbon farming industry. This saw him become adept at leading blue chip companies with exceptional knowledge of quality, safety and environmental management systems. Specifically focusing on: Carbon Abatement; Waste Management; Water Supply; Carbon Farming; Greenhouse Gas Reporting; Agriculture; & Environmental Data Collection/Reporting & Auditing.

Having worked for nearly 12 years in Regenerative & Environmental Practices across Queensland & New South Wales Hancock has now established himself as Managing Director & Founder of his own Carbon Project Developer Company.


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